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Why shop with us?

Online shopping for electronics components, embedded kits, robotics spares, DIY kits still sounds too good to be true. But wait! That’s what we have just brought for you. With access to our wide range of components and kits, you need never compromise on any of your innovations or science experiments.

 If science is not on your hobby list, we bet your list will change once you take a tour of our online store.

Let age be no bar to innovate, our DIY kits do not have that typical age group tag. You can encourage your kids to innovate at early ages by choosing from variety of DIY kits.

No more going through the hassle of buying electronics and embedded hardware materials from the shop that is very far from you or is probably in another city. You can simply order and get busy planning for your project, while we take the efforts of getting your list of required items, right at your door step.

And, in case you do not find the right thing you were looking for or maybe you are not sure the right word to search for it – all you need to do is click on the more products button on the right hand side of home screen, and upload an image, data sheet or any other way you can help us convey what you were looking for. We will get it for you!